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How to repot houseplants

Arghhhh!! This plant got riddled with those pesky mealybugs! So I tried spraying th whole plant and soil with soapy water (it was just fairy liquid) it seemed to do the trick nicely! However one of the stems completely died back which was sad. To try and stop the infestation occurring again I thought itContinue reading “How to repot houseplants”

Plant File – Pothos

Now this is a real hardy plant. I have this placed in a fairly dark space and it still manages to produce new leaves each week. This plant has wonderful strains of leaves and is a great trailing plant after a few months of growth. Perfect for a shelf if you want leaves dangling over.Continue reading “Plant File – Pothos”

Here are some typical topics of Blog posts

Monthly updates

Of course I will be updating you guys on how my plants are growing and other exciting things I get up to with my houseplants.

Plant care

These posts will typically include how I currently care for my plants and my routine I follow. This may work for you or give you some ideas if you are struggling as to why your plant just won’t live a month after leaving the nursery.

Project Green

Really looking forward to writing about some indoor plants I don’t currently have and the benefits they can bring to your home. I may even have to get some myself!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Please do come back for more updates on my plants, I am just starting out to blogging, I hope you enjoy the read!

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